You can call me daft – the sequel


At the end of 2018, I had a go guessing what 2019 might bring.

Here in the UK I got it right – after a fashion. Brexit did, indeed, neither happen nor not-happen in 2019. And likely for the reason I proposed: no-one could come up with a way forward – in or out – that would satisfy a large enough collective of people (and establishments – for example the Commons, the Judiciary, the CBI and the like).

Construction of Hinckley C nuclear power station had just begun when I wrote at the turn of last year. I’d been hoping the inevitable delays and cost overruns, along with the plummeting in costs of other sources of power such as offshore wind, would cause a strong soul to call a halt. But no: I got it wrong.

How about ‘the collapse of a massive conglomerate few people have heard of’? I got that wrong in a way – who the heck didn’t know who Thomas Cook was? Or Mothercare, for that matter?

We come now to the Student Loan book. Nul Points here for me: nothing happened.

Likewise, thankfully, no country joined Greece and the like in financial purgatory.

Across the Pond, meanwhile, the President remains in office in spite of everything – as indeed I had said he would.  I didn’t think he’d bomb or invade any country in 2019, even though the mean time between such events appears to be only a few years. And I was right: he managed to restrain himself… until the first week of this year.

As for Australia. I am so, so sorry. I had no idea how dreadful it would be.